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Workshops and Tutorials

The workshops and tutorials will be held before and after the main conference, on the 7th of October, on Thursday afternoon and on Friday the 12th of October.

IROS 2012 will be hosting the following workshop and tutorial events:

Sunday, October 07, 2012, Full-day

Workshop SW1: Human Behavior Understanding
Organizers: Albert Ali Salah, Javier Ruiz-del-Solar, Cetin Mericli, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
Room: Fenix 1

Tutorial ST2: Handling ROS - Introductory tutorial to ROS and its use for robot in-hand manipulation
Organizers: Jorge Dias, Jorge Lobo, Pedro Trindade, Véronique Perdereau
Room: Gemini 1

Workshop SW3: Optimality Principles and Adaptation in Humanoid Robotic Control
Organizers: Serena Ivaldi, Bastien Berret, Francesco Nori, Olivier Sigaud
Room: Gemini 3

Workshop SW4: Planning, Perception and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles
Organizers: Christian Laugier, Philippe Martinet, Urbano Nunes, Christoph Stiller, Alberto Broggi
Room: Fenix 2

Workshop SW5: Cognitive Assistive Systems: Closing the Action-Perception Loop
Organizers: Dima Damen, Gabriele Bleser, Lazaros Nalpantidis, Gert Kootstra, Renaud Detry, Ardhendu Behera, Luis Almeida
Room: Lince

Workshop SW6: Color-Depth Camera Fusion in Robotics
Organizers: Seungkyu Lee, Hwasup Lim
Room: Vega

Workshop SW7: Bio Assembler for 3D Cellullar System in Collaboration with Micro-Nano Robotics
Organizers: Tatsuo Arai, Makoto Kaneko, Masahiro Nakajima, Fumihito Arai, Toshio Fukuda, Brad Nelson, Pasi J. Kallio
Room: Pegaso B

Workshop SW8: Robotics for Environmental Monitoring
Organizers: Lino Marques, Ryan Smith, Volkan Isler, Matthew Dunbabin
Room: Pegaso A

Workshop SW9: Active Semantic Perception (ASP'12), Context and Semantic Prior in Active Perception
Organizers: Alper Aydemir, Dirk Holz, Radu Bogdan Rusu, Andrzej Pronobis
Room: Gemini 2

Thursday, October 11, 2012, Half-day (afternoon)

Workshop TW1: Lifelong Learning for Mobile Robotics Applications
Organizers: Rudolph Triebel, Luciano Spinello
Room: Fenix 2

Workshop TW2: Agricultural Robotics: Enabling Safe, Efficient, Affordable Robots for Food Production
Organizers: Marcel Bergerman, Eldert van Henten, John Billingsley, John Reid, Mingcong Deng
Room: Pegaso A

Workshop TW3: Visual Control of Mobile Robots (ViCoMoR 2012)
Organizers: Youcef Mezouar, Gonzalo Lopez-Nicolas
Room: Gemini 1

Workshop TW4: Sensors and Robots Integration in Future Rescue Information System (ROSIN 2012)
Organizers: Fumitoshi Matsuno, Congduc Pham, Serge Stinckwich
Room: Lince

Workshop TW5: Aerial Physically Acting Robots (AIRPHARO)
Organizers: Anibal Ollero, Lorenzo Marconi
Room: Vega

Workshop TW6: Smart materials and alternative technologies for bio-inspired robots and systems
Organizers: Claudio Rossi, K.H. Low, Ravi Vaidyanathan, Justin Seipel
Room: Gemini 3

Workshop TW7: Advances in tactile sensing and touch-based human-robot interaction
Organizers: Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, Lorenzo Natale, Giorgio Cannata, Giorgio Metta 
Room: Fenix 3

Workshop TW8: Human-Agent Interaction (iHAI 2012)
Organizers: Seiji Yamada, Tetsuo Ono, Helmut Prendinger, Rui Prada
Room: Gemini 2

Workshop TW9: ECHORD - scientific results and tech transfer opportunities
Organizers: Reinhard Lafrenz, Florian Röhrbein, Bruno Siciliano
Room: Pegaso B

Workshop TW10: Smart CAmeras for roBoTic applications (SCaBot)
Organizers: François Berry, Dominique Ginhac
Room: Hidra

Workshop TW11: Robot Competitions: Benchmarking, Technology Transfer and Education
Organizers: Pedro Lima, Rui Cortesão
Room: Aquarius

Friday, October 12, 2012, (mostly) Full-day

Workshop FW1: Assistance and Service Robotics in a Human Environment
Organizers: Anne Spalanzani, David Daney, Olivier Simonin, Jean-Pierre Merlet
Room: Fenix 3

Workshop FW2: Magnetically Actuated Multiscale Medical Robots
Organizers: Pierre E. Dupont, Christos Bergeles, Panagiotis Vartholomeos
Room: Pegaso B

Workshop FW3: Motivational Aspects of Robotics in Physical Therapy
Organizers: Marina Fridin, Mark Belokopytov, Adriana Tapus, Mindy Aisen,
Room: Hidra

Workshop FW4: Progress, challenges and future perspectives in navigation and manipulation assistance for robotic wheelchairs
Organizers: Eric Demeester, Emmanuel Vander Poorten, Alexander Hüntemann, Joris De Schutter, Wolfram Burgard, Urbano Nunes, José Millán, Matteo Matteucci, Yiannis Demiris
Room: Pegaso A

Workshop FW5: Safety in Human-Robot Coexistence & Interaction: How can Standardization and Research benefit from each other?
Organizers: Sami Haddadin, Gurvinder Virk, Susanne Oberer-Treitz, Yoji Yamada
Room: Gemini 3

Workshop FW6: Learning and Interaction in Haptic Robots
Organizers: Dongheui Lee, Sylvain Calinon
Room: Vega

Workshop FW7: Beyond Robot Grasping: Modern Approaches for Dynamic Manipulation
Organizers: Heni Ben Amor, Ashutosh Saxena, Oliver Kroemer, Jan Peters
Room: Fenix 2

Tutorial FT8: 3D Point Cloud Processing: PCL (Point Cloud Library)
Organizers: Stefan Holzer, Leonardo Rubio, Alexander J. B. Trevor, Nizar K Sallem, Koen Buys
Room: Gemini 1

Workshop FW9: Cognitive Neuroscience Robotics
Organizers: Kenichi Narioka, Yukie Nagai, Minoru Asada, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Renaud Ronsse
Room: Gemini 2

Workshop FW10: Robot Motion Planning: Online, Reactive, and in Real-time
Organizers: Torsten Kroeger, Corrado Guarino Lo Bianco
Room: Fenix 1

Workshop FW11: Metrics of sensory motor integration in robots and animals
Organizers: Fabio Bonsignorio, Elena Messina, Angel P. del Pobil, John Hallam,
Room: Lince (half-day: morning)

The workshops and tutorials will be held before and after the main conference, on the 7th of October, on Thursday afternoon and on Friday the 12th of October. The workshops will take place at the main conference venue with the following tentative template schedule:

- 8:30-10:30 Technical Session*
- 10:30-11:00 Coffee break
- 11:00-12:30 Technical Session*
- 12:30-14:00 Lunch (NOT PROVIDED** on the 7th and 12th)
- 14:00-16:00 Technical Session*
- 16:00-16:30 Coffee break
- 16:30-18:30 Technical Session*

* depending on the specific workshop, the Technical Session might be Regular Paper presentations in 20 minute slots; Keynote/invited talks; Panel discussion or even a Poster Session. Poster sessions can partially overlap with coffee breaks.

** lunch will not be provided on the 7th and 12th, but there are many places along the Vilamoura marina, and on the 11th a conference farewell lunch is planned, with which the main conference is closed.

Workshops and tutorials invited speakers
(offer limited; on the basis of first come, first served)

If you are an invited speaker at a workshop or tutorial (information should be available at the respective workshop/tutorial webpage), and you are only able to attend your workshop, you can contact us by email to to apply for a workshop only registration.

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