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Final Video Submission

Authors must submit the final version of their video electronically through the Paperplaza system no later than 23:59:59 Pacific Time on July 21, 2012 (no extensions). Before submitting the final version, authors are expected to revise their video and the accompanying extended summary taking into account the feedback from the reviewers. Two pages in the standard IEEE Conference Paper Format based on the LaTeX template or Microsoft Word template are allowed for each extended summary. Only final submissions will be included in the DVD of the conference proceedings and in IEEE Xplore. At least one of the authors listed on the video contribution must be registered for the conference when the final version is uploaded. A single regular conference registration can be used to upload two contributions. A single student conference registration can be used to upload one contribution. Before uploading, please check your PDF file for IEEE Xplore compliance and prepare:
1. A video (1.5-3 minutes, max. 50MB) in one of the most common media formats;
2. A PDF file of your extended summary (max 2 MB) that has passed the IEEE PDF compliance test;
3. A single PowerPoint slide for the IROS 2012 Digest based on this template; and
4. A Summary.txt and ReadMe.txt file accompanying your video (cf. Step 6).
For detailed instructions, please follow the guidelines below.

Step-By-Step Guidelines to Submit Your Final Video

Step 1: Prepare your final video (1.5-3 minutes, max. 50MB). Please do not use special codecs (coders/decoders) in order to provide as much portability across platforms as possible. Using MPEG-1 or MPEG-4 video formats is strongly recommended. Accepted video contributions will be included in the DVD Conference proceedings and also in IEEE Xplore. There, the video will appear together with the PDF of the extended summary.

Step 2: Prepare your final extended summary using the available LaTeX or Microsoft Word templates and following these paper preparation instructions. Make sure to have the latest templates and do not change the formatting in any way. The extended summary should be in PDF format and not exceeding 2MB.

Step 3: Check that the names of all authors and their order is identical in the PaperPlaza submission system, the video, the extended summary, the digest page. Please write author names with only the first letter capitalized, that is, use "Firstname Lastname" in all instances and do not use "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME" anywhere.

Step 4: Perform the IEEE PDF compliance test of your extended summary. If it does not pass the test, you cannot continue and may read the PDF Test Help to revise the format of your extended summary until it passes the test.

Step 5: During the conference, a Digest will be distributed to all participants. Please prepare one (and only one) PowerPoint slide that illustrates your video. You must only use the PowerPoint template available here. Please do not change the template and keep fonts and font sizes as prepared in the template. Please also note that the digest will be printed in black and white, and a color version will be available on the conference website.

Step 6: Please prepare the following two plain text files:
1. Summary.txt file (max 1 KB). Describe in five sentences or less the contents or value of the video. This file helps IEEE Xplore users to make downloading decisions.
2. ReadMe.txt file (max 10 KB). This file must include the following sections:
a. Description: An overall description of the objects and what the audience can expect to gain by downloading them;
b. Player Information: Provide the minimum version of the player software that is required to play the submitted files. Include the name of the software, the version number, and any special requirements for the player;
c. Contact Information: The author should provide contact information in case users have questions regarding the extended material. IEEE will not provide any technical support.
Note that both of the above files should be in plain text format and have a .txt extension. They are needed by IEEE in order to include the video in IEEE Xplore.

Step 7: To process the copyright transfer for each contribution, follow the "Copyright Transfer" link, and you will be taken to the IEEE copyright transfer site (IEEE eCP) in a new window. Follow the steps as described on IEEE eCP pages and make sure that the video title and author list are correct before your perform the copyright transfer.

Step 8: Upload the following files:
1. A video (1.5-3 minutes, max. 50MB) plus a Summary.txt and ReadMe.txt file accompanying your video (cf. Step 6);
2. A PDF file of your extended summary (max 2 MB) that has passed the IEEE Xplore compliance test;
3. a single PowerPoint slide for the IROS 2012 Digest based on this template.

Initial Video Submission (Past Information)

Videos of 1.5 to 3 minutes illustrating new and exciting results are sought for this IROS 2012 edition.

Contributed Videos will be regarded and peer-reviewed as separate contributed submissions with respect to multimedia attachments to contributed papers.

Accepted Videos will be presented in parallel video sessions within the IROS 2012 program. Accepted Video contributions (with the accompanying files, as described in the submission guidelines) will be included in the CD/DVD Proceedings of IROS 2012 and will be archieved in IEEE XPlore.

A Video submitted for video sessions is expected to be a stand-alone contribution, which must be self-explanatory thanks to a comprehensive English narration. A contributed Video should make all the typical aspects of a written scientific contribution available to the viewers, by exploiting a video format instead of a traditional paper format.

Creative formats and contributions that can foster scientific dissemination of robotics research are encouraged. High-quality, semi-professional video design and production style are expected.

Basic guidelines for Videos preparation are:

  • Include an English narration;
  • Focus on your own research;
  • Introduce the background of the presented research and explain research objectives;
  • Describe methodology, materials and main outcomes;
  • Present experimental tests so to provide the best evidence of the results.

Best IROS Video Award

A dedicated Award will be assigned to recognize the most outstanding IROS Video.

The winner will be awarded €500 prize and a certificate. Co-winners will share the Award prize.

The award will be announced and presented during IROS 2012 conference.
To be eligible for the award, candidates must be authors of an IROS Video. Authors must be members of IEEE, or RSJ, or SICE.

The Videos, considered for the Award, will be evaluated with regard to: technical merit, evidence of impact on the field of the reported achievements, practical significance of the applications, quality and clarity of the video and of the narration, quality of the presentation at the IROS 2012 conference.

Video submission guidelines

Videos contributions should be submitted via Paperplaza, following the dedicated VIDEO SUBMISSION channel.

Video contributions must consist of a self-contained 1.5-3 minutes single video file (not exceeding 50MB), accompanied by a self-contained extended summary in the form of a PDF file (up to 2 pages long and not exceeding 2MB).

Video contributions should not have a commercial pitch. The authors of each video must have clear copyright of the audio and visual content. If experiments on humans and/or animal models are reported in the video, the corresponding author must declare under her/his sole responsibility that the experimental protocol was compliant with International Ethics regulation.

Video contributions should not use special codecs (coders/decoders) in order to provide as much portability across platforms as possible. It is mandatory to use the most common media formats (mpg, mpeg 1 or mpeg 4). Any other extensions will be blocked. Only freely available players (e.g., QuickTime, RealPlayer, Microsoft Windows Media Player, MPlayer) should be required for viewing the video. Providing video portability is a responsibility of the authors, also in their interest. The IROS 2012 Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject without review video contributions that do not comply with these guidelines and/or contain inappropriate material (e.g. commercial or unethical content).

The text of the accompanying extended summary should provide an outline of the work presented, references to papers that provide more details about the work as well as related work. For the preparation of the extended summary of a Video contribution, please follow the instructions for paper contribution, with the exception that the length should be (at most) 2 pages in the specified conference double-column format.

It is strongly suggested to write the summary using the available LaTeX or MS Word templates. Please do not change the formatting in any way. If you choose not to use these templates, please make sure that your file strictly adheres to the formatting instructions. The summary must be IEEE PDF compliant as specified in the instructions on the paper contributions.

Templates for the Extended Summary of the Video Contributions
- LaTeX Templates:
- MS Word Templates:
For further information and guidelines for submission, please contact the Video Session Chair: Dr. Raffaella Carloni (

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